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Pot by pot, we cook it thoroughly and carefully.

Using old-fashioned methods, our products are carefully boiled over direct heat to enhance the flavor and quality.
Pot by pot, we cook it thoroughly and carefully.
For seasoning boiled herring, or kelp rolls, etc, we onlyuse soy sauce, sugar and mirin.

Carefully remove the froth and other particulates.

By boiling food on the bottom of pots, we can also carefully remove the froth and other particulates that might be unsavory to the taste.

Enhance the flavor from each ingredient from all the ingredients.

Also, by adjusting the fire frequently, it is easier to remove froth or other miscellaneous that might affect the food taste.
To pursue deliciousness, we believe this is the best way to do it.
To reduce the heat of foods, we put it in the refrigerator for a day.
This is key to let our foods lock in the flavor.

Doing heat sterilization and foreign matter inspection.

After doing heat sterilization and foreign matter inspection, we are going to send our best products to customers.
Please enjoy it!

【Contents】 70g

【JAN code】 4560188593023

【Product size (mm)】 180 x 130 x 20

【Shelf life】 90 days at room temperature

【Note】 Made in Funka Bay in Hakodate

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We will continue to discover more local, special products and crafts in Japan,
and convey the unique Japanese culture and charm to all parts of the world, in order to build a bridge between Japan and overseas.

We sell local special products and crafts from Japan to all over the world.
Among them are the high-quality special products made in Japan that have not been recognized overseas.
Many of them are high-quality and delicious products made by excellent local shops in Japan.
We will continue to discover these high-quality products at competitive prices and introduce them to everyone .

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