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Japan's first Isumi Railway "Wappen Workation Train" service

-Realizing various working styles of Reiwa with the nostalgic train culture of Showa-

We'll-Being JAPAN Co., Ltd. and Isumi Railway Co., Ltd. and We'll-Being JAPAN Co., Ltd.

Wire and Wireless Co., Ltd., with the cooperation of three companies

Build Free Wi-Fi that anyone can use in the Isumi Railway station building * 2 and the trains operated by Isumi Railway

At the same time, we will start the operation of the "Wappen Work Train", which has a space and communication environment that can be used for business.

The inside of the train operated by Isumi Railway is designated as "the first moving work space in Japan".

We will create a comfortable communication environment and provide new value for trains to many people, including teleworkers.

For this train operation, Isumi Railway will start selling the "Wappen Work Train Plan".

For customers who have purchased this plan and are using the "Wappen Work Train"

We will provide the ID of the VPN compatible public Wi-Fi service "Gigazo Wi-Fi * 3" provided by Wi2 free of charge.

4 Protect with VPN communication by connecting to Free Wi-Fi in the vehicle using "Giga Elephant Wi-Fi"

You will be able to use it safely.

・ Operation start date: Operation will start from the end of October 2020

・ How to use: By applying for this plan and presenting the emblem,

You will be given priority to board the train and secure a seat.

[Working in the vehicle / station building]

Isumi Railway x Well-Being will jointly carry out "in-vehicle / station building work".

・ Operation start date: Operation will start from the end of October 2020

-Summary: The user purchases an emblem. The following are available:

The emblem has the following three merits.

① 1-day ticket

② Right to use the work in the vehicle / station building

③ Priority boarding pass

* Seats can be reserved with priority only when boarding the train at the designated departure time from the first train "Ohara Station".

* Please contact Isumi Railway for details on the "Wappen Work Train Plan" such as fees.

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