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Company history

the founder Mosuke Noguchi, 23 year-old, started manufacturing and wholesaling of architectural hardware and various machinery tools/hardware for mining railway constructors, naming the store "Noguchi Mosuke Shoten." "Noguchi Mosuke Shoten" had been dependent from Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd, a company listed with first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

By using a railway's documentary bill of exchange from Japan, started a mail order business of construction hardware on paper.

After Great Kanto Earthquake, people gradually became to require buildings to have fire resistance or quake resistance. Accordingly, as a result of our research and development on technology and creation of hardware, demands had significantly expanded, and the sales route and ground were established making the base of our success today.

Company building in early Showa period. Changing the organization to a partnership company, under the name of "Partnership Company Noguchi Mosuke Shoten," the second generation Jintaro Noguchi succeeded the business, became a representative director, and consistently expanded the business.

The third generation Toshio Noguchi changed the organization to a stock company, changed the company name to "Noguchi Kanamono Kabusikigaisya," and has been taking a post of a representative director up to the present date.

Bringing about 30 companies of subcontractors and architectural hardware manufacturers together to organize "Noguchi Okan-kai," Toshio Noguchi the president became the chair person.

September: Crown Building of modern architecture having rationalized facilities was built at 4-4 Honcho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku Tokyo, the former site of company building. The building was 5-story reinforced concrete building with 1 underground level having a total area of 600 tsubo (1 tsubo=3.3m²).

Current Sendai branchOctober: In order to expand the sales route in Tohoku area, 300 tsubo lot (1 tsubo=3.3m²) was purchased at Wholesale Dealer Center in Sendai-shi, Miyagi: 230 tsubo office and a storehouse were constructed to open Sendai branch there.

December: For the future expansion and image makeover, the company name was changed to Noguchi Corporation.

February: 300 tsubo lot (1 tsubo=3.3m²) was purchased in Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa: 250 tsubo office and a storehouse were constructed to open Yokohama branch there.
November: The Second Crown Building, which was 5-story having the total area of about 125 tsubo (1 tsubo=3.3m²), was built at 4-27 Sengoku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo to expand the mass merchandise section mainly for Seiyu stores.

November: Considering the future of home improvement industry, Woodpecker, Inc. was established in order to develop "DO IT YOURSELF" stores.

Current Ashikaga branchFebruary: 600 tsubo lot (1 tsubo=3.3m²) in Tonyacho-Danchi, Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi was obtained, and an office and about 240 tsubo storehouse were constructed to open Ashikaga branch; the sales channels throughout Kanto region was expanded and the distribution was enhanced.

August: For the purpose of laborsaving and speed up in administration works, the office was rationalized by installing electronic computers.

January: The small Sugamo office was moved to Syakujii, and as Nerima branch, it facilitated the shipping tasks for Seiyu stores.

February: Sendai branch storehouse was extended in order to improve the performance and accommodate diversified products. October: Ashikaga branch storehouse was extended in order to improve the performance and enhance the mass merchandise section.

July: 470 tsubo lot (1 tsubo=3.3m²) was obtained in Ryutsu-Danchi, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama, and an office and about 400 tsubo storehouse were constructed to open DIY Communication Center; the sales and distribution of DIY section were facilitated.

March: About 450 tsubo lot (1 tsubo=3.3m²) was obtained in the land adjoining Ashikaga branch; having the total area of 1,050 tsubo, the business was expanded.

April: Toshio Noguchi, the president became a chairperson, and Tsunetada Noguchi, the president and chief of corporate management office succeeded the position.

August: Shozo Ito became the president.

March: 30 tsubo lot (1 tsubo=3.3m²) at 4-9 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku in front of the head office was purchased as a parking space.

July: The sales department at head office and logistics department were integrated to form Tokyo branch.

We celebrated the 100th year in business.

May: In anticipation of popularization of broadband and enlargement of the sales channel using internet, E-commerce store "Environment and Living" was opened, and Creating Market Division was newly established.

March: Shigekazu Noguchi became the president.
July: Building Architectural Material Business Division was newly established in order to accommodate the needs for building architectural materials for condominium buildings/commercial facilities in the capital region.

February: DIY Communication Center was closed, and product department was newly established instead in order to enhance Private Brand product development, trading, and consistent logistics throughout the company.
December: Information sharing system for all employees was introduced to facilitate information sharing among departments/employees.

Product development department/Management department

June: The product department was divided into product development department and product management department in order to facilitate the quality management/speed of development and improve the logistics of Private Brand products.
July: In order to reinforce the building architectural material business for condominium buildings/commercial facilities in the capital region, Yokohama head office of building architectural material division was established at Nishikanagawa, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, and Tokyo office of building architectural material division was established at the head office in Nihonbashi. October: For the new business, the management innovation plan was approved by Shintaro Ishihara, Tokyo Governor.

January: A cloud-based new enterprise system was introduced to facilitate customer service, improve the efficiency of operations, and enhance the visualization of management.
July: In order to improve our construction capability in the building architectural material business, we got a contractor's license.
August: In order to improve quality control, delivery date management, and stock control of our private brand products, we have obtained "ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification", the international standard.

April: Opened the Sendai branch of building material business with the aim of expanding sales to the Tohoku region. Established the information system division to promote information technology and transparency of management based on the principle of putting the first priority on our field sites, actual products and realities.
June: Opened the Ibaraki sales office of building material business to expand sales to the northern Kanto region.
December: Allocated shares to Tokyo Small Business Investment Company to increase our capital to 7.05 million yen.

September: Launched the human resources division to strengthen talent development and human resources management, and thereby reinforce the sales, management and development divisions.

August: Adopted a holding company system, established a holding company and opened Noguchi Corp. as a separate company. The holding company was later renamed Noguchi HD Corp.

February: The head office was relocated to the current head office location (4-8-16, Nihonbashi Honmachi)

July: Noguchi Material Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Noguchi HD Co., Ltd., is established. Noguchi Materials Co., Ltd. opens Saitama Sales Office
November: Established "Environmental Life Co., Ltd."

May: Established Nihon Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
May: Establish We’ll-being Business Preparation Office in Noguchi HD.
November: Spun off from Noguchi HD and established We’ll-Being JAPAN

Choshi City
Partnership with Choshi City Hall, and Choshi Electric Railway related to workation business.
Co-working Space is opened in February.

Myoko City
Partnership with Myoko City Hall, and Echigo TOKImeki Railway related to workation business. Co-working Space is opened in February. Hakodate City Partnership with Hakodate City Hall related to workation business.
Coworking Space is opened in February.

Hakodate City
Partnership with Hakodate City Hall workation business.Co-working Space is opened in February

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